Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating

Emotional eating — guidance for healthy change through the identification of specific emotional eating patterns and triggers

Why do most dieters regain weight? They are emotional eaters!

Do you…

  • Try, but fail to lose weight and keep it off?
  • Feel out of control with your eating?
  • Eat when you’re not hungry?
  • Turn to food when you’re stressed or upset?
  • Use food as a source of pleasure or reward?
  • Binge eat or graze eat?
  • Feel ashamed of your eating?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, you may be an emotional eater.


What is your relationship goal with food?

As with any close relationship, there are always challenges. Here are some suggestions to help you get your relationship with food back on track:

  • Make it conscious
  • Make it intentional
  • Acknowledge that it will have ups and downs
  • Stop fighting it
  • Stop fighting yourself
  • Get help when you need it

If you are an emotional eater, we can help you.