Book Virtual Appoitment for Weight Loss

Book Virtual Appoitment for Weight Loss 

weight Loss

We Specialize In/ Come To Us For

  • Mind and Body Wellness
  • Sustainable Weight Loss Programs
  • Nutritional Diet Plans
  • Hormone Re-Balancing
  • Vitamin Infusions

Advantages Of Choosing Equilibrium Clinics:

  • Virtual Appointment from anywhere
  • Consult experts from the comfort of your home
  • Best guidance and diagnosis
  • Effective weight loss plans
  • Wide Presence of clinics for face to face meetings
  • Expert Health Coaches
weight Loss

“Weight Loss Is Not a RACE, It’s a JOURNEY”Looking at your body

Cherish Your Body Transformation Moments

transformation is a beautiful journey which needs to be cherished. So let’s make this journey memorable and not stressful. Just like one medicine cannot suit everyone, similarly one weight loss remedy cannot prove effective for every human being. Our body depends on our lifestyle, genetics and goals. Hence, at equilibrium you can interact virtually with the doctors expert in weight loss and get your personalised plan. The healthy way of losing weight is to gain the right amount of nutrition and cleansing your body from within. You can interact with our health experts by booking an online appointment. The counseling sessions by them is itself a therapy that will motivate you to reach your fitness goal.

weight Loss

What Are Our Weight Loss Plans?

The effective remedies suggested are FDA approved weight loss medications. Now shed the extra pounds with the CONTRAVE weight loss treatment that helps in curbing your hunger and cravings. This medical treatment has helped people reach their accurate BMI. Scheduling a vityal appointment with the doctors will help them understand your medical conditions, lifestyle and body type. They can further prescribe tailor made weight loss solutions based on the scientifc methods for better results. All the medications are suggested to boost your metabolism which will help detoxifying your body and shedding weight.

Advance Lab Testing & Diagnosis

Optimum Health Requires The Mind, Physical Body And Spirit To Be In Balance

Having a good balance of hormones is important to align the mind and body. At Equilibrium clinics the health coaches advise the right diagnosis and treatment for balancing the hormones. Striking the righ hormonal balance is the key to wellness and a youthful life. Book a virtual appointment for an immediate resolution.

Guidance To Ensure That Your Are Eating Right

Eat Better, Not Less
Cut out the myth that eating less will help you cut down weight. Eating right is the best help you can do for your body to lose weight. Get the right nutritional advice from the health coaches at Equilibrium clinics and align your mind, body and soul. Schedule an appointment now to know the simple, nutritional and sustainable diet plans.