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Equilibrium Wellness Offers an Exceptionally Wide Range of Medical and Non-Medical Wellness and Weight Loss Services Including a Focus on Fat Loss

Let an Equilibrium healthcare expert find your custom weight loss solution from our exceptionally wide range of expertise including a focus on fat loss for a safe, comfortable, healthy body that lasts!

Equilibrium provides:

  • Personalized needs identification
  • Individualized weight loss plan
  • Coaches who help you experience weight loss fast in a healthy way
  • Year-round coaching to help you keep your weight off
  • State-of-the-art and signature resources and tools to help you monitor your progress as you watch yourself lose weight fast and internalize how to lose weight fast

Personalized, Custom Service by Providers and Professional Health Coaches

Equilibrium Wellness is completely client-centric. We customize, personalize, and individualize our programs to meet your needs for wellness, weight loss, and all that comes with that for you. We are about the meaningfulness your wellness and weight loss brings to you. Your success is our success.  Our professional medical providers work with you and our professional health coaches to continuously help you meet your goals. Each person is completely individual and thus so is our award=winning service.

Medical and Non-Medical Weight Loss and Wellness Programs

We provide medical and non-medical wellness and weight loss coaching that is fully personalized. All meetings are one-to-one. We understand how personal your health, weight, and goals are to you and constantly strive to provide the best-customized service in the health and wellness industry.

Equilibrium Wellness ensures your experience is convenient and customized. We endeavor to lead the learning habits that are the best for you and your short-term and long-term weight loss and wellness goals and vision.

         Tips on How to Make the Most of a Medical Fat loss Approach

If you are searching for a medical fat loss expert to help you reach your fat loss goals, you landed in the right place! With EQ Clinics, our qualified professionals can provide you with the help you need to lose weight and keep that excess fat off safely. We can help you with belly fat loss, arm fat loss, thigh fat loss, face fat loss, and overall fat loss because you lose it all over when you do take a healthy approach. We have many ways to lose belly fat, but it is amazing to watch the entire body slim down inch by inch from the excess fat. 

We need some fat, but everyone is happy to say goodbye to the excess fat. At EQ Clinics AKA Equilibrium Wellness, we guide our patients to know the best fat burners for men and the best fat burners for women. But each individual is unique which is why Equilibrium Wellness takes a completely individualized, personal approach to each patient.

When choosing a medical fat loss expert, it is important to consider the specific needs that you have. Many experts are skilled in helping people with a wide variety of fat loss goals, from simply reducing overall body weight to improving cardiovascular health or reducing risk factors for chronic diseases. 

Once you have identified the areas of fat loss that are most important to you, such as stubborn belly fat, lower belly fat, hormonal belly fat, inner thigh fat, cheek fat, or a double chin, it is important to find an expert who can help you in a personal and individualized way as we help at EQ Clinics. Because each person’s needs are completely different. Equilibrium Wellness fat loss and wellness experts provide completely personal and individualized service.

Medical fat loss is an important step in improving your overall health. However, it is important to have a goal for your fat loss journey. Setting a goal can help you stay on track and make sure you are reaching your goals.

Here are some tips for setting a goal with your providers and healthcare experts, for medical fat loss:

1. Work with your medical fat loss and wellness expert to choose a goal that is realistic. Make sure your goal is something you can realistically achieve. If you are not sure how much weight you need to lose, talk to your doctor.

2. Choose a goal that is important to you. Make sure your goal is something that is important to you. If you are not committed to achieving your goal.

3. Comply with your medical fat loss expert’s advice and plan for you. Be accountable and check in for your regular appointments. 

There are many options for medical fat loss and Equilibrium Wellness is a leader in offering a wide range of medical fat loss options for your healthcare professional to choose from and customize for your personal, individualized needs. We will give you the safe fat loss hacks. 

So, to summarize, after you select your medical fat loss professional, and provide all the necessary information to help them understand your personal needs and healthcare specifics, do the following three key actions.

1. Work with your medical fat loss expert to choose a goal that is realistic. 

2. Choose a goal that is important to you. 

3. Comply with your medical fat loss expert’s advice and plan for you. 

Patient Testimonials

Our Programs Exceed Patients’ Expectations

""This has been the only thing that has worked for me!"

This has been the only thing that has worked for me. So far I have lost 32 pounds. I would recommend them to everyone. They have a very supportive staff and they are there for you during your weight loss journey. I give them 5 stars.


T. Welsh

"I highly recommend Equilibrium hCG Weight Loss Clinic!"

My experience with Equilibrium was more than I could hope for. I highly recommend Equilibrium hCG Weight Loss Clinic. I lost my weight with the help of Denise and Traci. They were always happy to answer any questions or offer a word of encouragement. I am now back for helpful maintenance tactics and continued encouragement. I highly recommend Equilibrium hCG Weight Loss Clinic.

Patti Hodges

"The program and staff are fantastic!"

The team at Equilibrium is so positive and encouraging, offering great suggestions for keeping me focused on my goals and working through temptations. The program and staff are fantastic!! The team at Equilibrium is so positive and encouraging, offering great suggestions for keeping me focused on my goals and working through temptations. I had great success last year but went through a trying time this fall so I’m looking forward to getting back on track so I can feel great gain. The program and staff are fantastic!!

J. Groesch

“50 pounds of fat is now history!”

I now understand how important a proper body weight is to my health and longevity.  I was not on a good path until I opted for a free consult with Equilibrium Wellness.  I was shocked that I needed to lose over 50 pounds of fat.  That is now history, and I am proud of my accomplishment and thankful for Equilibrium.

James D.

“Lost 40 pounds and I am SO happy.”

Needing to lose about 40 pounds, I began to investigate the possibilities.  My research suggested that Equilibrium Wellness is unique offering so many different protocols.  I set up a free consult and then committed to a program.  I have since lost 48 pounds and am SO happy.  Recommended!

Joyce J.

After Equilibrium Wellness I am truly a different person.”

Most of my adult life has been adversely by PCOS and its many unpleasant side effects. My PCP never diagnosed the condition but one visit with Equilibrium Wellness changed everything.  I am truly a different person.

Irina R.